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What is Oral Sedation?

Many people experience some amount of anxiety or fear while visiting their dentist. Oral conscious sedation can help people ease the stress, pain, and discomfort caused during dental treatments. It is commonly used for dental procedures such as root canals, fillings, and minor surgeries.

What Does Oral Conscious Sedation Feel Like?

Under oral conscious sedation, you will be fully awake during the treatment, yet feel drowsy and relaxed. You will stay responsive to the dentist’s instructions while all the anxiety and pain fade away. You can communicate with our dentist and express your concerns or discuss any questions.

Afterward, you can expect to have little memory of what transpired during the dental treatment. Most people say they felt like they were in a conscious dream throughout the procedure. It’s better to have someone escort you and drive you home until the sedation wears off.

Recovery after oral conscious sedation is comparatively faster and easier than after general anesthesia. Adverse side effects are rare. Some people may feel slight muscle pains or headaches.

Oral conscious sedation is suitable for our patients who feel extremely anxious during their dental visits. People with dental fear can opt for oral conscious sedation to stay comfortable while having work done. Those with mental or physical differences that prevent them from sitting comfortably in the dentist’s chair for longer durations can also benefit from oral conscious sedation.

Procedure for Oral Conscious Sedation

Patients at Signature Smile Arts undergo the following steps while getting oral conscious sedation:

  1. After your dentist prescribes oral conscious sedation for your dental treatment, you will be given two pills. One is for the night before the treatment to help you sleep peacefully and relax before your appointment.
  2. On your appointment day, you will take the other anti-anxiety pill at least an hour before your appointment. You may start feeling its effect quickly, so it’s essential to have someone escort you to the dentist’s office safely.
  3. The dentist may start the treatment as soon as you get to the office, considering how much time has elapsed since you consumed the pill. You will remain conscious during the entire treatment but feel relaxed. Your dentist will monitor your breathing and blood pressure to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the process. The dentist will determine your sedation time, which can vary from as little as 15 minutes to up to several hours for complicated dental treatments.
  4. After the dental procedure, the effects of oral sedation may continue for several hours. You will have little to no recollection of the treatment after the sedation wears off. Many people feel that this temporary amnesia caused by oral sedation is the best part because by the time sedation wears off, the dental procedure is already complete, and they hardly remember anything about it.

 Advantages of Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation has various advantages over other forms of dental sedation. These are:

  • It’s safer for use, and it’s highly unlikely that patients will experience any dangerous side effects. These sedatives are regulated by FDA and are more effective than other dental sedatives.
  • Patients remain responsive under oral sedation. This way they can listen and respond to the dentist’s instructions.
  • Oral sedatives are easy to administer. People afraid of needles or who feel claustrophobic with masks can consume sedation pills just like any other oral medication.

If you feel anxious or stressed about getting dental treatments, oral conscious sedation can help you calm down and stay relaxed throughout the procedure. Contact our office in Homewood today and ask our dental team if oral conscious sedation is the right option for your dental treatments.

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