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The Missing Piece to a Perfect Smile

When teeth are missing, it can significantly affect how a patient feels about themselves, especially if they have visible tooth gaps when smiling or talking. In addition to altering our patient’s appearance, missing teeth can also cause discomfort. Patients can lose teeth by accident, through infection, or from severe decay. Full dentures are an excellent alternative that Signature Smile Arts encourages for our patients who want to replace teeth when implants are not a viable option due to bone loss or expense. Full dentures require some getting used to and won’t feel exactly like the natural teeth, but today’s dentures can be removed and put back in the mouth as necessary. Plus, full dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever.

What Is a Full Denture?

Full dentures replace all or most of your natural teeth and are the most popular type of denture used in the United States. A full denture can be fixed or removable and can replace all the natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw. A fixed partial denture is an oral prosthetic device used to replace a tooth gap from one or more missing teeth.

How Do Full Dentures Work?

The main features of full dentures are their fit, durability, and retention. Metal clasps are used on the upper and lower jaws to secure full dentures in place.

Caring for a Full Denture

Patients in Homewood need to ensure that they are correctly clean and care for their full dentures on a daily basis. This will prevent damage to the dentures and keep them in their original shape. Patients should brush their dentures thoroughly with denture-specific toothpaste, paying particular attention to the teeth and any cracks in the plastic and metal surfaces. All surfaces that come into contact with food or liquids, like the chewing surface of the top and bottom molars and both sides of all teeth, should be brushed thoroughly. Patients should make sure to scrape away plaque from the teeth, gum line, and metal fittings on top and bottom surfaces. It’s always a good idea to give the mouth a break. When not using their dentures, patients should let them soak in warm water or submerge them in denture cleaner to keep them free of bacteria.

What Are Full Dentures Made From?

Full dentures are typically constructed of either acrylic or metal with a plastic liner. Metal dentures are often coated with acrylic to give them color and shape. Acrylic is used because it can be molded into any desired shape and form, unlike metal which is limited in shape and size due to its rigidity. Acrylic also provides tooth-like surfaces that feel more natural than metal surfaces, which can feel overly smooth or cold to the touch. With acrylic surfacing, patients enjoy a more realistic tooth feel. While the thought of dentures can be a scary one, it is comforting to know that the smile is one of the face’s best features. Once our patients have their full dentures fitted, they enjoy an immediate increase in confidence when they smile and improved clarity when they speak. Patients in Homewood should remember to have regular checkups with their dentist at Signature Smile Arts to maintain a proper fit over time. Gums and jawlines change with age, and it may be necessary to adjust dentures or possibly remake them in the future.

Are Full Dentures Right For You?

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, full dentures may be the right choice for you. Schedule an appointment with our dental team at Signature Smile Arts today to learn more.

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